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Session Highlight – RDS on Azure or RDmi, Here’s What You Need to Know!


Hi folks, Aidan Finn here. One of the most interesting announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2017 was Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure, or RDmi. This session will focus on that topic.

I’ve worked with RDS on and off and similar since I first encountered Citrix WinFrame, based on Windows NT 3.51 Server, in the mid-1990s. It was something that I typically saw in large business, and occasionally heard of with SBS customers where small businesses wanted a remote working solution. However, since I started working with Microsoft partners on Azure, my involvement with RDS has exploded. That’s been Microsoft’s experience too; businesses looking to move legacy services/data to the cloud also need to move the client app to the cloud to reduce client/server latency, and are remoting the display/input experience using RDS.

Two significant sectors in the cloud have had a challenge with this – Microsoft partners offering managed hosted services and ISVs that are trying to relocate their software to the cloud. Both want to use RDS, but once you go above 1 or 2 session hosts then you need an RDS infrastructure with connection brokers, a SQL database, web access/gateway servers, and so on … and that can get expensive. This is why Microsoft has built RDmi – a shared services platform solution that has been designed primarily for managed services providers and ISVs that want to host their VM-based products.

Freek Berson, MVP and frequent speaker at conferences, is one of the RDS gurus who have been working with RDmi since the private previews started. He knows this solution inside-out, even deploying it from ARM templates!


  Freek Berson – Remoting Windows Enthusiat

Freek Berson speaks at various conferences around the world including Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft TechSummit, Microsoft TechDays, BriForum, E2EVC and ExpertsLive. Freek is awarded Microsoft MVP since 2011. He co-athored the book “RDS – The Complete Guide” which is available on Amazon. He works as an Infrastructure Specialist at Wortell, a system integrator company based in the Netherlands, where he focusses on End User Computing and all related technologies mostly on the Microsoft platform. He is also a managing partner at He maintains his personal blog at where he writes articles and blog posts related to Remote Desktop Services, Azure, and other Microsoft technologies. He is also experienced in performing automated deployments using Azure Resource Manager and designing JSON templates. . You can follow him on twitter via @fberson.


Join Freek to learn more about RDmi, and join us at Cloud Camp 18 to learn more about Azure, modern workplace & security, Windows Server 2019, and hybrid cloud soltions.