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Session Highlight: How to Implement a Hybrid Microsoft 365 Environment


Aidan Finn from MicroWarehouse here! If you don’t know what Office 365 is, then you’ve been hiding under an IT rock for most of the last decade. Things have moved on, because Microsoft has created a new endpoint & data productivity & security bundle that is based on Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and more, called Microsoft 365 (M365).

Some markets, such as Ireland, are quite mature when it comes to Office 365 – we’ve lead the way in adopting cloud-based productivity, communications, and collaboration. Now it’s time to move on to the next part of the journey – and to be honest, GDPR has driven a lot of this interest. Security is not just an IT issue now, it’s a director and shareholder business issue. And recent headlines are finally getting an important message through to people: IT security is more than just a firewall and some antivirus.

M365 is a complete lifecycle solution. You get device & app deployment, productivity and collaboration services, and the means to secure data, no matter where that data goes. As you can imagine, there’s a lot in M365 to discuss in 1 hour. So, we needed someone who knows the platform. Simon Binder is a Principal Solution Architect working with M365, so he can share what he knows with those who are keen to learn how to deploy it.


Simon Binder
ATEA, Principal Solution Architect

Sharing my time between a role as Modern Workplace/Productivity Solution Architech and Technical Sales Specialst with a focus on Modern Workplace regardless of technology – but with a strong Microsoft focus.

I like to call myself a Technical Evangelist and i absolutely love to be challenged and inspire colleagues, customers and the community in general. My goal is to empower every person to be both productive and happy at work – regardless of where it is at any particular moment.

I hold several Microsoft certifications, work as a P-Seller with Microsoft and are proud to call myself MCT. I have always been a tech-guy, and even though my current role isn’t a technical one, I make sure to be up to date – with hands-on experience. And now, its more important than ever to look outside the Microsoft-sphere, even if it feels scary sometimes. And yes, I do have both a blog and a Twitter account.

Off work, I love being out and about, doing all kinds of sports – even though I lack talent in most. I’m passionate about whisky (and beer) and if I could live anywhere else other then Sweden, it would be Scotland or Antarctica.


Join us at Cloud Camp 18 to start your next step in the cloud journey, and consider attending this session by Simon to learn how to start deploying Microsoft 365.