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Session Highlight – Follow me to Honolulu – Windows Admin Center is here


It’s Aidan Finn writing here once again! Did you ever feel that the Windows Server admin tools were a bit outdated? Did Hyper-V Manager seem a bit … ugh? Has the lack of a Storage Spaces UI put you off software-defined storage? That’s because the underlying engine for the Remote Server Administration Toolkit (RSAT – which is what you were using) was based on MMC.EXE, a technology that Microsoft deprecated back with the release of Windows Server 2008 … 5 versions of Windows Server ago!

I have good news, my friends: the successor to RSAT is already here. You might not have heard of it, but Microsoft released a public preview for something called Project Honolulu that eventually was made generally available under the banner of Windows Admin Center. This is a modern re-interpretation of Windows Server management bringing server management into the 21st century, and even bringing cloud down to the data centre or computer room.

Windows Admin Center is no MMC.EXE. This is a HTML5 based service that can run on your PC or from a central server. It brings common tasks to you with a clean UI, and makes previously difficult operations easy.

When we were choosing a speaker to present this topic, we wanted someone with Windows Server, management, and hybrid solutions experience – because that’s what Windows Admin Center gives enables. Eric Berg, a Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP has this background and as you can see by his motto, he likes to share his expertise.


Eric Berg
COMPAREX, MVP CDM and Azure | Principal IT-Architect

Eric is a MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management and Microsoft Azure. He is working as a Principal IT-Architect at COMPAREX AG. His main areas are: Microsoft Azure, Hybrid Infrastructure, Windows Server and Management Solutions. His motto: “The community lives from the community and only those who join in keep her alive!”


Eric’s session will introduce you to the first of many changes you will see in our Windows Server 2019 and Hybrid cloud track at Cloud Camp 2018. Windows Admin Center will re-appear in many sessions in that track, and thanks to Eric, you’ll understand what you’re seeing during the rest of the day.