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Session Highlight – Cloud Architecture Recipes for the Enterprise


Hi folks, Aidan Finn from MicroWarehouse here! Like most IT pros, I first approached the bits of Azure that I was familiar with: storage, networking, and virtual machines. In other words, I worked with Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS. IaaS is great because it’s familiar and makes it easy to migrate existing or legacy workloads to the cloud. But moving VMs to the cloud doesn’t lead you to digital transformation where the cloud can offer cost optimizations, new features, and true cloud scale elasticity; for that, you’ll need to look at Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), the larger part of Azure that is often alien to us.

I started to learn the platform side of Azure over a year ago and the possibilities of architectural patterns is mind boggling. How you did something, like ingesting data into a database, can be done in old ways, but there are possibly better ways. How you export data from AppA and put it in AppB can change too. And this isn’t limited to things running just in Azure.

We decided that the “Cloud Architecture Recipes For The Enterprise” session by Eldert Grootenboer, Cloud Solution Architect and Azure MVP, would be a perfect way to kick off the morning in our Azure PaaS track. Attendees will learn about service choices and how they can be combined to create real world solutions – I’ve got this session pencilled in as one I want to attend.



Eldert Grootenboer  –  Cloud Solution Archiect, Azure MVP

Eldert can be described as an Azure MVP, Cloud Solution Architect, blogger, public speaker and technical author. He is mainly focused on Azure, Enterprise Integration and IoT. In his spare time Eldert likes to be active in the community and and can often be found working with the latest technologies. Eldert has been working in many innovative projects around Azure and integration, working in the roles of architect, developer and team lead. He can be found on Twitter at @egrootenboer and has a blog at


Don’t be scared if you’re a server person or not a techie – if you want to expand your horizons, attending a session such as this will educate you about the possibilities of Azure which you can share with colleagues, customers, or your employer.