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Session Highlight: ‘Azure Blueprint’ for Best Practice Governance in 60 minutes


Howdy – it’s Aidan Finn, the Technical Sales Lead at MicroWarehouse here. Imagine you have set up a company with one, several, or many Azure subscriptions. Developers, testers, and line-of-business app admins all have delegated rights, either at the tenant, subscription, resource group, or resource levels. But rights to do what exactly? Can they do things that their role should require? Can they deploy an M128s virtual machine with Windows Server and SQL Server Enterprise at a cool €44,669 per month – not including storage? Can they start and stop things they shouldn’t? Are they able to deploy into locations around the world that the company cannot or does not want to use? Can they see things they shouldn’t see?

This is why we have features such as auditing (Activity Log), role-based accessed control (Azure AD & roles), and governance enforcement (Azure Policy), along with management groups for multi-subscription tenants. That might sound like a whole lot of things – and it is – and they each offer things you can do to control your environment, regulatory compliance, and your costs.

To present a session like this, you need someone who has worked in a big environment and who has experience with these solutions. Damian Flynn, a Cloud & Datacenter MVP, is the smartest person I know in IT – I know some very clever people – and he’s the perfect person to explain how to use the above solutions, and he even has a few other tricks based on other parts of the Azure platform. I’ve seen Damian talk about governance before and he knows his stuff.


Damian Flynn
Lumagate, Cloud & Datacenter MVP, Principal Consultant

Damian is a Principal Consultant for Lumagate; an evangelist guided on the principal of “Making incredible technology, incredibly simple.”. Recognised as a Microsoft MVP since 2011 and Cisco Champion since 2014, he can be found blogging at, tweeting under the alias @damian_flynn, and has published a number of white papers, technical articles, webinars, and co-author of multiple Microsoft Cloud related books, and Official Courseware. He is a regular presenter at many international and community events.

Currently focused on Cloud Technologies and the Hybrid Datacentre, Specialising in Azure Governance, and sustainable DevOps; Assisting organisations on Cloud optimised delivery of Legacy Apps and Microservices, leveraging containers and serverless when possible. When not working; his passion is IoT, with a background in PLC and emmbedded electronics, and has delivered professional home automation solutions.


If taming & controlling a self-service environment such as Microsoft Azure is important to you, then be sure to join us at Cloud Camp 18 and attend Damian’s session.