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Session Highlight: Azure AD Domain Services – Domain Controllers in the Cloud


It’s Aidan Finn from MicroWarehouse here again. Azure AD is deeply misunderstood by most people. Office 365 administrators often have no idea that the user accounts are Azure AD (the tenant) user accounts that are used by Office 365 – they assume that they’re Office 365 user accounts. And the terms “Azure AD” and “domain” (I dislike how over used this word is) cause people to think that Azure AD is a replacement for an Active Directory domain – correctly referred to as Active Directory Domain Services. Azure AD is not a domain like the domain you’ve been working with since Windows Server 2000; it’s an authentication/authorization service for other cloud services.

Then, along comes Azure AD Domain Services which gives you a domain, complete with OUs and GPOS, that is powered by Azure AD. And yes, you can join Azure VMs to it, but it’s not for PCs or laptops. Are you confused yet?

What we need is a person who works with this technology to build solutions to explain what it all is, and importantly, what it isn’t. Sam Cogan, MVP, is that man and that’s what he’ll be doing in this session.


Sam Cogan
Cloud Solutions Architect & Azure MVP

I’m a Solutions Architect and Microsoft Azure MVP, focused on providing architecture and technical solutions for cloud-based SaaS projects using Azure.
I’m particularly focused on areas around cloud automation and deployment, devops, configuration management, along with high performance and grid computing in the cloud.
I blog about Azure and cloud-related topics at


This is one of the “must see” sessions if you are new to Microsoft cloud technology. Azure AD is the tenant that all Microsoft cloud services leverage, and it can even be extended to thousands of third-party clouds (including AWS and Google) and custom-written applications for single sign-on, including integrations with the likes of Facebook or Twitter for consumer identity management. So whether it’s VMs, custom-written applications, ID for productivity & security solutions, Azure AD is critical, and this session offers another compelling reason to join us at Cloud Camp 2018.