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Session Highlight – All-In with Azure Monitoring


Hi all – Aidan Finn from MicroWarehouse here. Imagine this: You have deployed a critical application in the cloud, but something isn’t right. Every time a paying customer does some transaction, the system grinds to a halt. You want to figure out what went wrong, and to know when things aren’t behaving correctly … before customers or your boss complains. This is why you need monitoring and alerting.

Azure has a wealth of tools that you can use to monitor your environment and generate alerts with. Unfortunately, few people seem to know that these services exist. They vary from free, to micro-cost, to a cost that you need to account for. But they can make a huge difference to understanding why systems aren’t performing the way they should, how your application scales, which is useful for future planning, and let you know when things aren’t right, whether it’s CPU utilization or issues in your .NET code.

For this kind of session, you need a presenter that works with this tooling on a daily basis. Kevin Greene, a Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP, is a subject matter expert on monitoring & alerting. He works with customers on a daily basis giving them state of the art monitoring solution that looking at the components, but also deep into the application, and enables them to be alerted on issues and visualize live and historical information.


Kevin Greene
Ergo Group, Azure Cloud Lead

Kevin Greene is a Microsoft MVP and consultant working for Ergo, an IT services and consulting company located in Dublin, Ireland. A regular speaker at local and international events, he has also authored a number of books on Windows Server and Cloud and Datacentre management technologies.


I teach people that diagnostics logging & performance monitoring should be enabled as a normal practice. It doesn’t cost much (a few cents per month) to get great value from these tools so it makes sense to learn more from an expert like Kevin – and see what you can do with Azure’s monitoring & alerting services at Cloud Camp 2018.