Cloud Camp Quarterly
Cloud Camp 2021

9:30 am - 10:30 am

Modern Provisioning – Windows Autopilot Deep Dive

In the past provisioning of Windows devices is something that required IT engineers, time, complexity, and patience. In the modern workplace, this requirement to have IT resources dedicate time on-site, is something that is being challenged. Through Windows Autopilot, it is possible for your user to simply sign in and have their device provisioned to your Azure tenant or your on-premises Active Directory, receiving all their settings, apps and more. In this session let’s look at how it works, how to troubleshoot, onboard devices into autopilot, and understand the perceived limitations of Azure AD joined vs hybrid Azure AD joined enrolments.

Trying to implement a BI project can be extremely tedious, take unreasonable amounts of time and in the end turn out to be something that the users didn’t want.

This session goes through how to use Power BI and dataflows to iteratively build a BI solution – starting from the absolute beginning with just an excel file, moving to combining data from several data sources, and finally explaining how to use Power BI dataflows and shared datasets to deliver maximum analytical power to the right users with a minimum of wasted time. You will walk away with new ideas how to start and grow your BI projects as well as an insight into Power BI dataflows and its uses.

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